Input parameters can be promoted to variables from the context menu when dropped on an empty graph. Per [Link Removed] this is not expected and dangerous for users to use.

This is reproducible as far back as //UE4/Release-4.22 cl 8065115 so this is not a regression.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open any project
  2. Create a new Blueprint Function Libary (BFL)
    • Right click content browser > Blueprints > Blueprint Function Libarary
  3. Open the new BFL
  4. Create a new function
  5. Create a new input variable for that function
  6. Drag off the input pin and release the mouse on a the empty graph
  7. Select 'Promote to Variable' from the context menu

The input parameter is promoted to a global variable and the BFL can no longer succesfully compile

Only local variables should be declared within BFLs

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Fix Commit13668187
CreatedOct 5, 2020
ResolvedJun 1, 2021
UpdatedJun 7, 2021