Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create Input Actions "Control", "A" and "B"
  2. Create an IMC
    1. "Control" bound to Left Control key
    2. "A" bound to C
    3. "B" bound to "V"
  3. Add listeners in BP bound to all three input actions on the triggered pin
  4. PIE
  5. Press Ctrl + C
  6. Press Ctrl + V

Result: When you press Ctrl + C, you only will see "C" printed to the screen. When you press Ctrl + V, you will see both Control and "V" on the screen.

Expected Result: Only the Input Action A or B print string should happen when pressing Control with ShouldOnlyTriggerLastActionInChord  set to true.

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Input
Affects Versions5.2
Target Fix5.3
Fix Commit25961302
CreatedJun 13, 2023
ResolvedJun 13, 2023
UpdatedJun 19, 2023