When looking into the bd_hud_scoring and bd_rules_maze blueprints in the users project (Provided below), there are nodes that are throwing errors. If you press compile, the errors go away and the compile is fine. If you save, close, and reopen the project, the errors will appear once again in those blueprints.

I was unable to get this project to open on main, but i was able to get the project open on the 4.6 release

Steps to Reproduce

1) Open the zip file attached to this report
2) Drag the project into your Unreal Projects
3) Open the launcher
4) Double click to open the project in 4.6 (I had to open VS2013 and fix some errors that were being thrown)
5) Once the project opens, Locate the bd_hud_scoring and/or the bd_rules_maze blueprints in that project
6) Double click to open either or both of those BP's
7) You will see that the compile button does not have a green check mark and that a node is causing the error
8) Click the compile button so the green check mark will appear
9) Save and exit the project
10) Reopen the project
11) locate those two blueprints again
12) Double click to open either of them
13) The error will be there once again

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Cannot Reproduce
CreatedDec 12, 2014
ResolvedJul 27, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018