FXAA artefacts on smaller/distant detail

UE - Rendering - Nov 23, 2021

Crash in BuildVisibleDecalList

UE - Rendering - Nov 16, 2021

Crash when adding Rectangle Lights to a game with multiple players while Raytracing is enabled

UE - Rendering - Nov 9, 2021

A user reported this issue to us through Salesforce. They initially said it crashed with both Spot Lights and Rectangle Lights, but I was only able to repro with Rectangle lights. Additionally, I di ...

"Primitives with unbuilt interactions" not clearing after lighting scene rebuild

UE - Rendering - Oct 29, 2021

[2021.10.29-17.01.06:085][830]Primitives with unbuilt interactions: 6[2021.10.29-17.01.06:085][830] Primitive FoliageInstancedStaticMeshComponent /Game/Brushify/Maps/Arctic/UEDPIE_0_Arctic.Arctic:Pe ...

DOF aliasing on Niagara particles

UE - Rendering - Oct 18, 2021