Some fractured meshes do not retain their original normals after fracture

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - May 6, 2022

Fractured meshes with weird Normals/Reflections. You will see weird normals / reflections on the surface, seems each fracture piece has it's own reflection angle. Repro rate: 3/3 Tested this in // ...

CollisionEvent and other events during ChaosCaching do not occur

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - Apr 22, 2022

[Feature Request] Artists want "importing fbx chunks" functionality back in chaos fracture.

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - Jun 11, 2021

Some artist customers want a tool to customize fractured mesh in chaos fracture just like the functionality "import fbx chunks" in APEX destruction, that could give them more controllability of the ...

Apex Destructible meshes are disappearing at certain distances during Runtime.

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - May 13, 2021

Green spheres at "4.3 - Destructible Assets" flash in an out of view. Can not be viewed on the left of the spheres.When playable play is close to the spheres they disappear no matter the position.Gre ...

Assertion with Geometry Collection when play in simulate mode

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - Feb 5, 2021

Error message:Assertion failed: !HasAttribute(Name, Group) [File:D:\CHAOS\Engine\Source\Runtime\Experimental\Chaos\Public\GeometryCollection/ManagedArrayCollection.h] [Line: 121] ...

Enabling ChaosCaching plugin results in packaged game no longer opening

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - Jan 19, 2021

ChaosCaching plugin appears to break packaged games. No warnings/errors reported in the log or when attempting to open the produced .exe. My task manager does not show the game process running at al ...

Crash with geometry collection in es3.1 preview

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - Dec 22, 2020

Crash on adding new element to ChaosCacheCollection if ChaosCacheCollection is open in editor

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - Dec 11, 2020

More ways to reproduce:In Chaos Cache Collection Editor press Add Element button (no matter when you will do this step)If in Step13 from Steps to reproduce you won't place Chaos Cache Collection Edi ...

Deprecate GeometryCollectionDebugDrawActor and its Component

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - Oct 1, 2020

/// We are going to deprecate this component for the UE5 release.  /// The issue also reproduces if console command"p.gc.ShowRigidBodyId -1" is executed in PIE The issue can be reproduced ...

Fragments of a geometry collection go through complex collision

UE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction - Jul 23, 2020

Fragments of a geometry collection can not hit the mesh which is set "Use complex collision as simple" ...