Dormancy validation log warnings when COND_Never property changes

UE - Networking - Jun 2, 2023

FRepLayout::DiffProperties doesn't check if the property's conditions is COND_Never or if the Parent Cmd's flags have the ERepParentFlags::IsLifetime flag (which FRepLayout::InitFromClass doesn't se ...

Cannot delete parameters in a Niagara Parameter Collection after resetting the source Material Parameter Collection

UE - Niagara - Jun 1, 2023

Parameters left over from an old source MPC cannot be removed without renaming them first. When debugging in FNiagaraParameterStore::RemoveParameter it seems that the parameter cannot be found in ...

Volume artifacts (Bleeding)

UE - Graphics Features - May 31, 2023

Translucent Water renders dark with Lumen enabled.

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - May 30, 2023

Regression tested in 5.1 at CL 23901901 where the issue still occurs. The material will still have the normal and reflective properties. ...

Combo triggers do not fire the "Completed" event

UE - Gameplay - Input - May 25, 2023

GeometryCollectionComponent take +1 frame to be marked as dirty

UE - Simulation - Physics - May 25, 2023

Debugging the code I have been able to verify that in GeometryCollectionComponent.cpp line:2318, the if condition happens every two frames. I think DynamicCollection is not setting all the frames a ...

DistanceFieldReplacementMesh doesn't work properly for Nanite meshes

UE - Graphics Features - Nanite - May 24, 2023

Static, non-replicated actors have different role to dynamically spawned actors

UE - Networking - May 23, 2023

For a non-replicated actor, the expected values for its local and remote roles would be ROLE_Authority and ROLE_None respectively. However, in ULevel::InitializeNetworkActors, ExchangeNetRoles(true) ...