Launching iOS build from Xcode fails after initial install

UE - Platform - Apple - Feb 21, 2024

Xcode has an issue with repeated launches onto an iOS device.  After the initial install, Xcode is unable to install any other builds of that same app due to some sort of codesigning issue.  A work ...

UDN - Crash reverting SkeletalMesh unsaved changes

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Asset Build - Feb 19, 2024

Make sure empty HLOD actors are irrelevant during cook

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - HLOD - Feb 12, 2024

HLOD actors may be empty and have no meshes generated for them in which case they should not be included in the cooked game. ...

GPU particles disabled on Quest

UE - Niagara - Feb 9, 2024

GPU particles were disabled on Quest 1 due to a compute issue. We need to validate / fix issues for Quest 2 / Quest 3. Reported in [Link Removed] ...

Minimap artifacts with water

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Feb 9, 2024

Skip Assigning Gamepad to Player 1 does not work

UE - Gameplay - Input - Feb 2, 2024

This is a regression from a long while ago that needs to get fixed ...

5.3 crashes when loading a map with an actor that had the class of one of its components changed

UE - Gameplay - Components - Feb 1, 2024

Please the the UDN for more details. The crash happens because the map is dirtied on load, and then later attempted to be unloaded, which fails. The call that dirties the map on load has been intro ...

Liftoff caused by root motion may leave a Character in walking movement for customized project

UE - Gameplay - Player Movement - Jan 31, 2024

If a Character has active root motion while walking (animation root motion OR a Root Motion Source), and this root motion causes vertical motion that "lifts off", it's possible for the Character to ...

UCommonVideoPlayer/Electra does not work in 5.3

Media Framework - Jan 30, 2024

This appears to be connected to playing immediately upon opening. This behavior is not observed when in the Release-5.1 or Release-5.2 streams. With the same setup, the video will start playing on t ...