Switching LOD while using Evaluation Mode = Freeze in custom transit graph fails

Anim - Runtime - Sep 14, 2021

If a user setups up a custom transition graph that caches one of the input poses by setting the Evaluator Mode property to Freeze then the node fails to deal with the situation where the LOD or mesh ...

Saving a level with a sequence open can affect a component's velocity

Anim - Sequencer - Sep 13, 2021

It looks like a component will have a velocity calculated and saved when animated by a sequence during a level save.  ...

Pasting timeline components into another actor and then choosing "cancel" on fix self context function references results in a broken state

Gameplay - Sep 13, 2021

upd. Regression was checked on //UE4/Release-4.26 CL 15973114, issue was reproduced. Regression - No ...

Editor Crashes when adding the Start Matinee Camera Shake node to a Blueprint and playing in editor

Anim - Sequencer - Sep 9, 2021

When adding the Start Matinee Camera Shake node to a blueprint and then playing the project, the editor crashes. When regression testing in 4.26 however, I noticed that compiling the Third Person Ch ...

Mobile Joysticks snap to edge upon any input

Platform - Mobile - Sep 9, 2021

When dragging the mobile joysticks in any direction, the snap to the edges regardless of how much the user inputs in said direction. This occurs with both the left and right joystick. This also occu ...

Landscape is deformed on Mobile preview

UE - LD & Art - World Building - Landscape - Sep 8, 2021

Grass does not show up when I override the Material of LandscapeComponent.

UE - LD & Art - World Building - Landscape - Sep 8, 2021

ODSC - Launching a newly created project via UnrealFrontend fails to load some materials and crashes

Rendering - Sep 6, 2021

The same repro steps on 4.26.2 will launch the project successfully. Packaging a project once to create complete ShaderMaps will work around the issue. ...