Cloth Rendering - Optimizations cause a one frame geometry stretch when off screen cloth is teleported back on screen.

Simulation - Physics - Character - Aug 26, 2021

Render optimizations are causing the cloth render data to be updated one frame too late after an off screen cloth object has been teleported back on screen. The optimisation triggers itself after a ...

Integrat PhysX crash fixes

Simulation - Physics - Solver - Aug 24, 2021

Make Binary Config setting has typo in the tooltip

Tools - Aug 24, 2021

There is currently a typo in the Make Binary Config option tooltip text. It currently says, "If enabled, staging will make a binary config fie for faster loading." Instead, the text should read "If ...

iOS: Holding Backspace Does Not Delete Multiple Characters on UMG Text

Platform - Mobile - Aug 24, 2021

The iOS Virtual Keyboard has an issue when entering text into a regular UMG text entry field. If the backspace key is pressed and held, rather than deleting all the characters preceding the caret o ...

[Concurrency] - Voice Steal Release Time Doesn't Work when using a Priority Based Resolution Rule

Audio - Aug 24, 2021

When using a Priority based Concurrency rule, the Voice Steal Release Time is ignored and ejected sounds stop abruptly. Test Notes: See attached video. Note: I've shelved the test map and assets ...

FGeometryCacheSceneProxy crashes engine when rendering through command prompt

Tools - Editor - Datasmith - Aug 23, 2021

Came across this bug when verifying [Link Removed]. Seems there was a different crash reason. When testing, this bugs seems to happen only half the time while the other half it succeeds without issu ...

RGB/UINT10 HDR Format not using ST.2084

UE - Rendering - RHI - Aug 23, 2021

Specification here: [Link Removed] Which is mirrored in engine in FD3D12DynamicRHI::Init (for example): [Image Removed] However, FWindowsPlatformMisc::ChooseHDRDeviceAndColorGamut always returns ...