Actor scale can be different on client and server when spawning with scale of (1,1,1)

UE - Networking - Feb 28, 2023

When spawning an actor, we don't seem to replicate the scale if it's set to (1,1,1), even if the root component's default scale is different to this. This results in the client using the default sca ...

[AI] Editor crash when moving BT nodes if the BB has a BlackboardKeyType_Object with a null BaseClass

UE - AI - BehaviorTree - Feb 28, 2023

The editor crashes if a BT is changed while its Blackboard has an Object type key with its BaseClass set to None (null). There is no warning or log alerting the user that setting the BaseClass to No ...

CopyTask in BuildGraph never throws an exception if the copy fails

UE - Foundation - Horde - BuildGraph - Feb 28, 2023

CopyFile function in CommandUtils.cs assumes that an exception will be thrown if the number of retries is exceeded, but the loop condition prevents it from being thrown. Following fix works:publics ...

Light leaks when cast shadow disabled light is applied to the Hair material.

UE - Rendering - Shadows - Feb 27, 2023

There seems to be a leak in the ContactShadow determination in DeferredLightingCommon.ush ShadowRayCast(), but I could not determine if this is the specification. This problem always occurs from 4. ...

WaitGameplayTagQuery does not adhere to its Query rules if there are no tags on the Actor

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Feb 25, 2023

Hello, I posted a bug submission some days ago on [Link Removed], however I received a mail asking me to repost it here instead. So here I go, even if it's not a question per say. Description: T ...

Sequence is marked dirty when closing

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Feb 24, 2023

Light shaft bloom oscillating with TAA/TSR

UE - Rendering - Feb 23, 2023