External event dispatcher bindings are duplicated along with instances in the level editor.

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - May 12, 2022

Event dispatchers (i.e. delegate property values) are currently copied to the new instance when users copy/paste/dupe actors. However, this means that if you have an instance whose dispatcher is dy ...

Montage Time Stretch Curves Scale Incorrectly

UE - Anim - Runtime - Apr 13, 2022

More details in attached UDN [Link Removed] Time stretch curve behaves incorrectly with large sections of in-between values. From the UDN: After using the feature a bit more we also noticed tha ...

Network Prediction plugin: dispossessing a client pawn results in repeated sim input

UE - Gameplay - Apr 1, 2022

After dispossessing an NP-simulated pawn, it appears that the last frame of input is used for the continued simulation of the pawn.   For example, a client player may be holding down continuous inp ...

Crash when reimporting fbx with import mesh LODs on

UE - Editor - Framework - Import and Export - Mar 30, 2022

Event dispatchers show replication settings but don't support replication

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Mar 18, 2022

We should ideally hide the setting, but at the very least we can make it a warning if you check it indicating it's not gonna do anything. [Link Removed] ...

[Electra] Electra fails to play video after the second time with the fast Vsync option via NVIDIA control panel

Media Framework - Mar 3, 2022

It seems to be a NVIDIA's driver-side issue.  ( Driver version is 511.79. ) The users can avoid the error by canceling the fast VSYNC option and reverting to the default VSYNC setting. Alternative ...

[Standalone Installer] The binaries for Mac are missing

UE - Editor - Datasmith - Installers - Mar 1, 2022

References to recompiled Blueprint CDOs that exist outside of the immediate class hierarchy are not being replaced during compilation.

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Compiler - Feb 24, 2022

Currently, the Blueprint compiler will only update references to a reinstanced CDO/archetype object if it falls within the immediate hierarchy of the Blueprint class type OR if it's a component temp ...

EndAbility doesn't replicate if the ability was cancelled or not

When EndAbility calls blah it always sets the value of bWasCancelled to false instead of passing along the correct value. Associated UDN: [Link Removed] ...

BulkDataManifest asset is non-deterministic

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Jan 11, 2022

FPackageStoreBulkDataManifest:: Data ** is not sorted. It generates a difference, Here's a workaround void FPackageStoreBulkDataManifest::Save() { TUniquePtr<FArchive> BinArchive(IFileManager:: ...