Edits made to Control Rig Curve Nodes in the Details panel of the blueprint editor are not saved back to original Node

UE - Anim - Rigging - Control Rig - Aug 9, 2023

Reported by licensee in [Link Removed] Changes made to the Curve node in a Control Rig Blueprint aren't saved back to the original node when the changes are made in the Details panel of the bluepri ...

FcomponentVisualizer::ShowWhenSelected() has no effect

UE - Editor - Framework - Aug 2, 2023

FsplineComponentVisualizer inconsistent selection/deselection behavior in the Level Editor

UE - Editor - Framework - Aug 2, 2023

It seems to be more intuitive if the component is selected on the Details Panel when activating a ComponentVisualizer in the Level Editor viewport. This is what happens in the Blueprint Editor’s Com ...

Slate widget may incorrectly consume key up events causing some UI to get stuck

UE - Gameplay - Input - Aug 1, 2023

This is a bug reported from a UDN customer with a sample project and video attached that goes over the input consumption states and how they are incorrectly being set when changing UI modes ...

Blueprint debugger: variable getter node displays wrong object's value

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Runtime - Jul 28, 2023

After triggering a breakpoint in blueprint, variable getter nodes can display the value of a different object than the node's target. For example: if an actor class has a value MyBool and the bluepr ...

BP property initialization fast path does not handle non-instanced properties assigned to default subobjects correctly

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jul 27, 2023

Non-instanced object ref properties are incorrectly being skipped at property initialization time when Blueprint class instances are spawned with the fast property initialization path enabled. This ...

NiagaraComponent attached to the character won't stay active when travelling to a new level using seamless travel

UE - Niagara - Jul 27, 2023

The pawn character is added to APlayerController::GetSeamlessTravelActorList, so it'll be persisted during server travel. The Niagara component is spawned during BeginPlay and activated manually. W ...