InitializeAnimScriptInstance may only need to be called if the mesh actually changes when restoring state in Sequencer

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Sep 23, 2021

The fix for [Link Removed] reinitializes the anim bp whenever the animation section restores state, it may only be necessary to reinitialize it if the skeletal mesh changes. ...

Asset Manager settings that worked in 4.26 now have extra invisible broken types

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Sep 23, 2021

For 4.27/5.0 (as part of [Link Removed]) we changed the asset manager's settings to be a key-indexed config array which gives more safety with removing entries via the UI. However, this actually bro ...

Virtual Shadow Map artefacts on animations

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

Planar Reflection Inverted surface

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

Also worth noting the editor slowed significantly with the planar reflection in the scene. Regression checked in //UE4/Release-4.26.2 CL15973114 and the issue does not reproduce there ...

Height fog removed in split screen when player1 is facing the opposite direction.

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

Please see the UDN for a potential fix/workaround description. ...

GI bounces missing from static SkyLight.

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

Potentially missing lightmass path for skylight that needs to imitate the static directional light GI solution. ...


UE - Platform - Console - Sep 22, 2021

The PLATFORM_SOCKETSUBSYSTEM macro is defined in SocketSubsystem.h for some platforms, while others add the definition in a Build.cs file (e.g. Sockets_XboxOneGDK.Build.cs). This definition is missi ...