Selecting a material name for a Skeletal Mesh Sampling region can crash the editor

UE - Niagara - Mar 16, 2022

The editor will crash when clicking on the Material Name selection box a second time. It appears this triggers another selection change with a null input, which crashes the editor. ...

When selecting actors via the Scene Outliner, changes during PIE aren't reflected until PIE ends

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Mar 15, 2022

Selecting actors in the Scene Outliner during a PIE session results in the EditorWorld copy of the actor being selected. This means that changes to the actor's properties don't reflect during that P ...

FFunctionalTestingModule::GetMapTests does not support World partition

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Mar 15, 2022

Cook failure when World Partition maps have level instances using level blueprints

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Level Instances - Mar 14, 2022

The following cook error results from attempting to package a WP map that has level instances using level BPs: LogCook: Error: PackageSplitter found the Generator package still in memory after it ...

Launching any QAGame map on Linux with an NVIDIA Card crashes at launch

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 11, 2022

Workaround:  "Start with "-windowed" in your command line until the issue is resolve" Engine does not crash. However, a crash appears when the game is launched in the output log. Issue is occurring ...

Assertion failed on attempt to reload edited Dataprep asset

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Visual Dataprep - Feb 28, 2022

Editor crashes after user tries to reload Dataprep asset after editing Filter By Actor label card in QAEnterprise project. Regression - Yes(Priority Critical), wasn't able to repro this issue in // ...

Crash when writing WPO using SceneDepth

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Feb 25, 2022

References to recompiled Blueprint CDOs that exist outside of the immediate class hierarchy are not being replaced during compilation.

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Compiler - Feb 24, 2022

Currently, the Blueprint compiler will only update references to a reinstanced CDO/archetype object if it falls within the immediate hierarchy of the Blueprint class type OR if it's a component temp ...

UE5 Main - Editor crashes when creating a Data Table

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Feb 14, 2022

Doesn't occur in UE5 Release or UE4.Can't attach logs/crash information I'm encountering an RHI crash within UE5 Main at the moment. This issue seems to be caused by a commit from last year that ...

EditInlineNew properties on components don't work if the component name has whitespace

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Feb 1, 2022

EditInlineNew properties on components can't be properly set if the component name has whitespace in it. This appears to be a problem with resolving the property name in SPropertyEditorEditInline::O ...